Solar Projects

An experienced solar developer and trusted partner of property investment groups nationwide.

GreenWell Energy is a turn-key developer of commercial solar electric systems throughout California, having developed complex retrofit projects for some of the largest property investment groups in the Multifamily industry. 

With electricity rates climbing and grid reliability becoming an issue for many, property owners are leveraging solar to limit their exposure to California’s utility companies.  GreenWell Energy understands the operational concerns of owners and designs systems with their best interests in mind.

Solar Industry Specialties:

Multifamily Communities

Property owners can supply their tenants with discounted solar electricity while increasing their own returns and property values.  HOA’s can fix their electricity costs with no money out of pocket, saving up to 50% on their electric bills.

Business Owners

The rising costs of electricity have strained the profits of business owners throughout the state, pushing them to weigh out their options in energy supply.  Solar energy systems can now be financed with no out of pocket costs, producing immediate savings and tax credits equal to 30% of the financed amount.

Storage Facilities

Whether you need 3 acres of solar-covered RV storage structures or a small, roof-mounted solar project for a self-storage location, GreenWell Energy has you covered.

Trusted design and engineering to backup businesses that don't do down time.

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