Energy Storage Solutions

Trusted design and engineering to backup businesses that don't do down time.

Faced with rising electricity costs and the increasing number of power outages, businesses are integrating energy storage to control their exposure to utility companies. Lithium-ion batteries and other forms of energy storage are capable of storing large amounts of electricity for consumption on demand. Facilities with on-site energy storage can automatically store electricity when it is least expensive and consume it when costs from the grid are most expensive.

Common Applications of Energy Storage

Peak Shaving

Dispatch stored energy during peak times to avoid or reduce utility demand charges.

Load Shifting

Shift energy consumption from one period to another to avoid time-of-use utility rates.

Demand Response

Respond to critical peak pricing events in order to earn money back from the utility.

Backup Power

Use stored energy to power your home or business during grid outages and safety shutoffs.


Generate, store and dispatch energy with or without connection to the grid.