Electric Vehicle Chargers

Aiding property owners in modernizing their assets and improving cash flows

Greenwell Energy offers property owners customized solutions to fit their goals and expectations. Whether it is adding a single charger to draw in more customers, a few to power a multifamily community or setting up a green transportation hub for a new fleet of electric service vehicles, GWE has experience, relationships and skills to quickly accomplish any needed utility work. 

Greenwell Energy leverages OEM direct relationships and an in-house engineering team to bring projects to market quickly and reliably. Our commitment to service will support you for years to come as your property benefits from its very own electric vehicle charging station.

The U.S. electric vehicle charging infrastructure market size was valued at $2.08 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 38.9% from now to 2028. 

Governments across the globe are focusing on investing in the charging infrastructure and technologies that are supporting the transition to clean and zero-emission electric vehicles. As with most clean energy initiatives, California stands at the forefront of the EV and EV infrastructure markets. Drivers of electric vehicles in CA are going to demand quick and easy charging options distributed throughout their communities, places of business and travel destinations.

Owner/operators of electric vehicle charging stations (EVCS) can expect excellent returns dispensing as little as just one charge per day. With access to incentives, owners can improve those returns, adding a steady revenue stream that will continue to grow year after year as drivers and car manufacturers alike are turning to clean-running electric vehicles to get us where we’re going.

No matter what kind of property you own, EV charging is a green amenity that can enhance the attractiveness of your property and provide benefits for all property owners. Whether it’s an apartment complex, workplace or commercial location, installing EV charging will provide you with a competitive edge.